The Nell Bane
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Two-thirds of a Ghost
The Ghost Works a Puzzle
The Ghost Ties a Double Knot
The Ghost Paints a Portrait
The Ghost Lays The Ghost to Rest
When Nell suspects her high-powered and high-minded client isn’t quite who he projects himself to be, she unwinds his story and finds that her ethics—and possibly her life—are in jeopardy   When Angela Shilliday isn’t up to the task of authoring the biography of a Nobel Prize-winning economist, she hires Nell Bane to ghostwrite the book. Nell finds her client, who appears to have everything, still wants more. In fact, Angela wants everything and will apparently exceed all boundaries to get it and Nell finds herself a reluctant witness to human ambition, deceit and grief   Prentice and Arabella Eton, an elderly couple deeply-committed to their philanthropic interests, want to leave a legacy to their great-grandchildren that is more than financial. They hire ghostwriter Nell Bane from custom essay company to write a double memoir then ask her to present the memoir and Nell finds herself mediating the differences between the generations and trying to diffuse the violent emotions that erupt.   Stuart Hammer hires Nell Bane to write a “word portrait” of his wife —a companion piece to the oil painting he has commissioned from Nell’s artist friend Ann Fitzmaurice. As they work, the women discover that Hammer not only idolizes his wife, but he idealizes her. And as they peel back the details, they expose a reality that is quite different from the story Hammer tells.
Nell Bane takes her ghostwriting skills to western Massachusetts to help Daniel Shirley write a memoir. Shirley believes he was the last person born in the Swift River Valley before it was drowned to create the Quabbin Reservoir, and he maintains that his life has been marked by this distinction.

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