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Nancy Parsons



I’ve written just about everything—advertising copy, all forms of corporate communications, articles, short fiction, remedial textbook materials, memoir, humor and (for a short time) a blog. Oh, and books. I’ve written close to a dozen, although several have been under the cloak of a ghost. I even took the NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month) and wrote a 50,000-word novel in thirty days. I was dismissive of the idea to begin with, but to my surprise I loved the project, although I still say you can’t write a finished novel in thirty days.

That first novel—The Dog That Managed Hedge Funds—inspired the Nell Bane Series. Nell Bane is a ghostwriter and each of her clients brings a new story for her to write and new issues to face. Ethics, psychology and intrigue are the common denominators of a Nell Bane novel.

I invite you to meet Nell Bane and to follow her adventures through the five-book series. Oh, the books have a bonus! Each contains a small collection of soup recipes. So read for the recipes and for the intrigue.

Nancy Parsons

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