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Nancy Parsons
The Cheshire Press
Nell Bane is a ghostwriter. When she suspects that her high-powered and high-minded client, David Kernow, isn’t quite who he projects himself to be, she begins to unwind his story and finds that her ethics—and possibly her life—are in jeopardy.

Nancy Parsons really puts together a nice, clean suspense that many will enjoy. … To be completely honest, I thought this was going to be a ghost story. I was wrong but I was not disappointed! I read this book in two sittings. The flow is nice and the pace is perfect. I can imagine “Two-Thirds of a Ghost” by Nancy Parsons can be enjoyed by many different age groups.

Jennifer Hass
Reader Views

Nancy Parsons’s characters are richly drawn. There is a strong sense of place [and] one can almost hear the planes crashing into the twin towers and smell the smoke-filled aftermath. It is a well-plotted and fast-paced story revolving around a ghostwriter. A great read from the suspenseful beginning to the page-turning conclusion.

Karen Vitale
Author: RETRObution

Nell Bane is a very good character and I can see that this is the beginning of an intriguing series. Having a character that's a ghostwriter is a wonderful idea—I like all the possibilities and implications. And I really enjoyed the local settings. And using the cooking as a way to unwind and let things related to the puzzling events and situations she encounters "simmer" in her mind is a great approach. The recipes sound delicious!

Helena Minton
Director, Flint Memorial Library, North Reading, MA

Just finished 2/3 and I must break my self imposed silence to say “marvelous, touching, delightful, gripping.” Nell has legs. I hope there will be more.

Jim Polito

“Two-Thirds of a Ghost” is a story about people you might know, in familiar settings, who deal with mysteries we can recognize. Nell Bane judges ethical problems as she stirs her soups, judging nobody, but insisting that she know the whole truth in order to be true to herself. Her friends and villains are as big as life, but no bigger—no sultry gun molls, no tough guys or serial murderers—just well-dressed, well-spoken people of flawed conscience who present dangers more constant and frightening than gun-play or car chases. A great story with great characters to act it out.

Don Doyle

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Nancy Parsons
The Cheshire Press
A corrupt hedge funds manager, convicted of bilking his wealthy clients out of billions, dies of a heart attack in a prison cell and regains consciousness in an animal shelter cage. He has come back to life as a dog. Sheila Thibedeau is a down-on-her-luck animal communicator. The two meet and the story unfolds.

A wickedly funny story about a decidedly wicked character.

The Dog That Managed Hedge Funds is a strong pick for general fiction collections.

Midwest Book Review

Nancy Parsons has created some wonderful, eccentric human and non-human characters that really make this story shine. Catching myself laughing out loud many times, I found this novel to be the perfect escape to treat myself to at the end of a very stressful day.

Paige Lovett, Reader Views

Sheila and Harrison played well together, sort of a Gracie Allen and George Burns relationship. Harrison easily stole the show even though Sheila was a narrator. This book not only brought a smile but made me laugh out loud.

Anne B., Readers Favorites

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Nancy Parsons
The Cheshire Press
In Bald As A Bean, a woman diagnosed with alopecia areata universalis, learns to cope with her baldness and is eventually able to share her story with calm vision and touches of humor.

By sharing such a personal struggle, Nancy shows us that through perseverance and self reflection, one can find the strength to live with the disease. The journey of shock, denial, fear, anger, and depression, is a journey worth taking. Not only do I recommend Bald as a Bean, The Experience of Sudden Hair Loss to those suffering from alopecia or hair loss due to a treatment such as chemotherapy, but as well, to those who enjoy reading true stories about the triumph of the human spirit.

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services Reviewer


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Compiled by James F. Arsenault with Nancy Parsons
The Cheshire Press
In March 1944 thirty-nine American G.I.s, all war prisoners of Germany, were marched into a prison labor camp in Burzen in present-day Poland. As the men lived together, worked together and learn to survive together, they bonded as brothers. Here, in this collective memoir and in the words of the “brothers of war” themselves, is their amazing story of survival.


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Nancy Parsons and Dick Amsterdam
The Cheshire Press
“Build a better mousetrap,” they say, “and the world will beat a path to your door.” Not necessarily. The world needs to know your mousetrap has been built. So here are all the tips, tricks and tales about marketing, promotion and communications, designed to amuse you while helping you build and promote your own better mousetrap.


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Nancy Parsons
The Cheshire Press
If yours was a Scottish-American childhood, this book is guaranteed to revive your own memories of growing up in a Scots family.

I cannot believe how similar our experiences were growing up in a Scottish household … seven years of wasted panno lessons, annual Scotch Picnices at Kennywood Park, Harry Lauder and Willy Fife and … Granny lugging me off to Sunday School at the Sunset Hills U.P. “kirk.” What a grand “wee” book.

Jim Coull, Veteran of a Scottish American childhood

Regretfully, I just finished your book. Regretfully because I wanted it to go on and on. What a delight! Your book brought back so many, many memories. I absolutely must get it for my own children and for my cousin, Jean, who will certainly enjoy it as much as I did.

Margaret Frost, Chairman,
Scottish American Society


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